Tuesday, April 10th
6:00 P.M.
Malibu 140 / California State University Channel Islands
Free and open to the public (Parking is $6)

A performance by WiseAcres West
Conceived by Dr. Catherine Scott Burriss
Developed and Performed with Katherine Murphy

Preventative Measures is a moving, incisive, funny and jarring exploration of the empowerment, fears, myths, and mixed messages surrounding self-defense training and sexual assault prevention. One of the main questions of this piece is how can women, or anyone, reconcile a desire for mobility, independence, and empowerment with a desire for safety and security- especially when each of these desires is elusive and contingent at best?


Followed by a community panel discussion of self-defense practices and sexual violence with a reception hosted by the CSUCI Performing Arts Program.

For more information on this performance, contact catherine.burriss@csuci.edu.

Funded by an Office of Faculty Development and Office of the Dean mini-grant.

Presented as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Week. For more information about SAAW, contact Kirsten Moss (Interim Coordinator of the CSUCI Multicultural and Women's & Gender Student Center): kirsten.moss@csuci.edu



Preventative Measures
April 10, 2007